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“Just learning to think in another language allows you to see your own culture in a better viewpoint.”

Gates McFadden, American Actress

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Learn Spanish Abroad - Spanish Language Schools Guide

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Spanish Course Options

Learn Spanish in Groups
Group Spanish courses are provided at all our schools and vary between 10 and 30 lessons per week. The lively, dynamic group environment provides a perfect springboard to accelerate your language learning. The fun and energizing circumstances of group courses provide enjoyable and engaging lessons.
Learn Spanish One-to-One
Offered at most of our locations and ranging from a per hour basis up to 30 hours per week, ourindividual courses help you learn Spanish in a more focused manner. You can choose from a set syllabus or customize the course content to fit your particular needs.
Learn Spanish in Combined Group and Individual Courses
These courses put together the intensity of one-to-one study with the interactive energy of group classes, giving you the best of both worlds.Our schools offer these courses from 15 group hours + 5 individual hours per week to 25+10. Although a little more expensive than group courses, the progression made on combined courses far surpasses those in just group lessons.
Focused Spanish Courses
If you desire to learn Spanish in a specific area of study or commerce, we may have a course for you – Spanish for law, engineering, architecture, teachers, social workers, tourism, business, and medical Spanish along with Spanish literature, history, geography, art, cinema, culture and politics, cuisine, music history and opera, and Spanish translation.

Learn Spanish with Activity Focused Courses
Combine the fun of learning Spanish while sharpening your skills in one of your favorite sports or hobbies.Our Spanish schools offer courses that combine language lessons with snorkeling, SCUBA diving, horseback riding, Spanish culture Classes, Spanish cinema, Spanish music, Spanish arts, Spanish cuisine, and Spanish literature.
Examination Spanish Courses
Do you need help passing a Spanish language competency test so that you can get a job or gain entrance to university? Many of our language schools offer DELE examination preparation courses to help you accomplish this.

View course locations offering examination, activity and focused courses here.

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Spanish Language School Accreditations and Memberships

Most of our Spanish language Schools in Spain and South America are highly accredited to one degree or another. These accreditations and memberships include Instituto Carvantes, FEDELE, the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, Consumo Calidad, ELITE , Bildungsurlaub (Germany), CSN (Sweden) the Association of Language Travel Organizations (ALTO), Federation of Youth Travel Organizations (FIYTO), The Guatemalan Ministry of Education, the ACTFL and CEF.

alto language travel organisations


Spanish Language Course Accommodation Options

Each school has several accomodation options for the students. The options include:

Home/family stay

Full language and cultural immersion while being economical. Single, double, and twin rooms are common. All hosts are carefully selected and provide full or half board along with a no meals option.

Shared Student Apartments

More independent accomodation than a home stay, while living with fellow language learners. Choices include single, double or shared rooms for people enrolling together.

Student apartments usually come on a self-catering basis.

Private Apartment

More independent than shared accomodation, fully furnished apartments are located close to the school, usually walking distance or a short bus ride.


Spanish hotel accomodation can be charming and comfortable. Facilities and costs depend on the hotel grade. Schools can arrange all types of hotel accomodation.

Bed and Breakfast/Pension

Usually family run and therefore more informal than hotels Popular with couples or mature students.

More Accommodation Information

Prices for accomodation vary from school to school. All accomodation offers the opportunity to select a single, double or shared room with en-suite or shared facilities. Full board, half-board, or simply room-only are also options.

To views school details in each country, please click a link below

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